A cloud based payment and debt collection web portal that allows consumers to make current payments or resolve their past due payments in a non-threatening manner, 24/7.

85% of consumers prefer an Online Solution

Over 65% of Registered Users Settle

Increasing the number and amount of collections with incentives and tools for discounted settlements, payment plans, and online, double blind bid negotiations.


 Reduce collections cost by utilizing electronic channels...


 Improve revenue cycle management while increasing customer...


Compliant tools that increase collections and reduce costs

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Easy To Use

Contact your current and delinquent consumers by e-mail, letter, or phone to invite them to your payment website. Your branded website contains a series of user-friendly screens. Each consumer is offered a payment or settlement option based on their collection status. For new invoices, a prompt pay discount could improve cash flow. For early stage delinquencies, you can offer a quick and convenient way to pay in full with a discount or select from payment plans, approved by you. For late stage or charged off accounts, you can offer the patented Debt Resolve bidding process. While some consumers may offer an acceptable bid at the first option, others may require the entire three round bid system to come to a mutually acceptable settlement. In the end, the consumers feel they have controlled the process; yet you have controlled the collection strategies and offers that result in faster and larger collections at a very low cost.