A consumer-facing debt collection web portal that allows debtors to go online and resolve their past due payments or balance, in a non-threatening, dignified manner without having to speak with anyone.

85% of Consumers Prefer an Online Solution

Over 65% of Registered Users Settle

Full Pay-Offs, Discounted Settlements, Payment Plans, Or Live, Interactive Double-Blind Bid Negotiated Settlements


Collect delinquent dollars at a lower cost while retaining...


Improve revenue cycle management through "PatientPayPort"...


Collect more money, quicker at a lower cost. Reach debtors who are...

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How It Works

Debt Resolve brings together delinquent borrowers and their lenders (or servicers) over the internet to resolve outstanding debt. Debt Resolve's patented, automated, online dispute resolution system allows you to invite customers to resolve, negotiate, settle or pay their debt online, in private using blind bidding, with instant results. The system works at all stages of collection, from 1 day past due to post-charge-off, and on all kinds of portfolios. And because Debt Resolve works on an ASP model, the only involvement needed from your IT department is handing off simple data files.