A debtor-facing collection web portal that allows debtors to go online and resolve their past due payments or balance, in a non-threatening, dignified manner without having to speak with anyone.

85% of Consumers Prefer an Online Solution

Full Pay-Offs, Discounted Settlements, Payment Plans, Or Live, Interactive Double-Blind Bid Negotiated Settlements

57% of Registered Users Settle

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Collect delinquent dollars at a lower cost while retaining...


Collect more money, quicker at a lower cost. Reach debtors who are...


Patients can manage and settle medical expenses online while...

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Debt Resolve Modules

Debt Resolve has designed a series of modules so you can find a perfect fit for your business - including secure email communications, administrative control from your desktop, and debt collection methods that suit your unique needs.

Our specialized recovery tool tailored specifically for collection agencies and collection law firms. read more...

For early-stage collections, Debt Resolve can help you collect late payments, make payment arrangements and manage account cures, all online, without involving a live collector. read more...

On late-stage and charged-off accounts, DR Settle incorporates a patented bidding model. This dispute resolution engine allows your customers to make offers, and matches these bids to your settlement guidelines - leading to immediate settlements. read more...