Debt Resolve is an innovator in solving an age-old problem: non-payment of bills, debts, damages and other financial disputes. While traditional collection methods rely on demands and threats, our services promote settlements acceptable to both sides, and feature a revolutionary online Double Blind Bidding process protected by 5 U.S. Patents.

Under new management since 2014, Debt Resolve has renewed the focus on building our businesses to seek profitability and growth in shareholder value. This includes enhancing our traditional enterprise suite of services, launching a new basic small business and consumer dispute negotiation website, and beginning development of a middle market service -- all under the new brand:

We have also launched several new majority-owned joint ventures. While some of these joint ventures use core Debt Resolve technology to solve problems in different industries or countries, two of our new businesses are in the rapidly emerging Federal Student Loan service space.

Today, Debt Resolve is growing its family of products to serve businesses of all sizes as well as consumers, to improve accounts receivable collection and reduce write-offs, all while maintaining a positive and non-threatening relationship between creditors, debtors, consumers and businesses.

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